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Clam Hello clammers! I Hope you’ve come across as many golden clams as I did since the game launched a few weeks ago. I’m genuinely surprised by how often I find them and THAT is my first favorite thing about this game. In today’s post, I’m gonna talk about my favorite things in Quest For Stuff. I know it’s been 3 weeks since my initial post on this thread and I must apologize for my lack of presence. Between trying to fully understand the game and it’s mechanics, I got a very bad flu that seemed to last forever. But I’m all better now and I wish I would have had a chance to try the game in its beta version to give me a head start. I had never played this type of game before and it took me a while to get what the goal was and to establish…

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Turn Your Handsome Face into a Simpsons Cartoon

This is way cool!


The Simpsons has been credited as the longest running American sitcom ever and I have been a fan since I was 15!  For some, that may be too old an age to start watching the show, but my parents were strict and monitored my time spent in front of the TV.

The Simpsons can arouse a lot of feelings and make you think about certain social or moral issues. Often, I would laugh out so loud that I startled our cat whenever I saw Bart performing one of his pranks.  Other times, I would just find myself thinking what lessons and values the show was talking about.  Regardless of how I felt after watching an episode, I often retreated to my bedroom wondering how I would do things differently if I were in the cartoon.  I would then try and think of catch phrases that would be better than “Eat…

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