Bio: Intriguing french canadian, Proud Dork, Nintendo Fangirl, Internet Surfer, Cat Lover, g33k admirer. The Insanely Sexy Potato Show on youtube! youtube.com/PlatypusGuitar Writer for TSTOgame.com a blog dedicated to the popular mobile game The Simpsons Tapped out.

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  1. Hi!
    Im Em. You might know me from blogs like TopiX or from the Adipose’s live Twitch streams. I’m also Internal Promotion on TOuk and I’d like to have something new to promote there 🙂 Feelingblind and Wilki arent that active but I’d love to see someone from Game linking posts or taking part in the community. We dont favour any blog and we welcome all (except the Hostile one) to join. If you want I can help push Game in the feed, right now Topix and Addicts are most active. Drop in to tapped-out.co.uk or tap my name by the comment for an invite. It is of course free to join.
    TSTO is having some boring downtime right now so any action is good. Think about it.

    • Hey! Yeah, I know you! ive never been to the tapped.co.uk site, I dont know why! I will definetely check it out. Its true that this down time is pretty boring, which is why I havent posted in 2 weeks. What sort of contribution are you looking for? Like, what kind of posts?

      • Whatever you like. You can link the ones you have done on Game or write new or not write at all. Create polls, quizzes, upload pics, ask everyone what they’re looking for in the game so you know what posts might be suiteble for Game. Its a good way to let tappers know about the blog. Most members are not bloggers so they come for updates, info and just hanging out being silly. Right now its all about pies….

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